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Project Rapture is a goverment conspiracy thriller set in a small town. Click the above image to watch the trailer. We are now taking preorders for the pilot episode of this series. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of Fish4Him, please click on the Services tab and click on any desired jobs. For example, if you are an actor or you are looking for actors to cast in your next project, click on the Actors link. One of our team members from that department will contact you to help you get started. 

The Adventures of Buford T. Johnson and Buford T. Bullfrog are two books that I wrote that deals with bullying. In both of these stories, Buford uses his wild imagination to escape his harsh reality. He faces every day being bullied by his classmates while trying to teach his friends that anyone can be a hero if given the chance. If you are interested in purchasing this book, the hardcover edition is $25 and paperback is $15 plus shipping.  

My mother, Connie Wright, who passed away in November did the illustrations for both of these two books. In Adventures of Buford T. Johnson, all of the illustrations are drawn after one of her loved ones. If you knew my mother, you knew that she was all about getting involved in her family's life and willing to do anything no matter how silly it made her look.